• Fusion is a feature that uses low rarity Heroes to combine into a new Hero with higher rarity.

  • Fusion has a failure rate. If failed, all Hero materials will be lost.

  • Heroes obtained after fusion will have random skin, stats and skills.


Fusion has 2 types of materials: main and extra materials

  • Main ingredients:

Heroes with rarity lower than your target’s rarity 1 level

There are 4 main material slots.

Must put in at least 3 main ingredients to be able to fusion.

Each main material has a corresponding success rate of 25%.


Using 3 Rare heroes will have a 75% chance to upgrade to 1 Super Rare.

Using 4 Rare heroes will have a 100% chance to upgrade to 1 Super Rare.

  • Extra ingredients:

Heroes with rarity lower than your target’s rarity 2 level.

Increase the fusion success rate.

Different rarity materials will have different increases in success rates.

There is no limit to the amount that can be added, until the success rate is 100%


Want to fusion a Epic Hero -> Epic is the target rarity

Main Material: Super Rare Extra Materials: Common, Rare


Step 1: In the lobby, click on the “Fusion” icon

Step 2: Click the white arrow to select the target rarity

Step 3: Click the green “+” sign to select the main ingredient Heroes

Step 4: After selecting 3 main material heroes, the “Increase success rate” button will be activated.

Case 1: User chooses to add extra materials to help increase the success rate (Optional). When the success rate reach 100%, can’t add more

Case 2: User selects 1 more main ingredient (full of 4 main ingredients, 100% success rate)

=> Button “Increase success rate” will be deactivated ( Automatically uncheck extra ingredients if user has selected before)

Step 5: Click the “Fusion” button

Succeeded: Show “New hero” popup

Failed: Show “Fusion failed” popup

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